Samasource is a nonprofit organization with the mission to reduce global poverty by connecting marginalized people to digital work. Samasource uses technology and private sector methods in new ways to measurably improve access to dignified work and job training for people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. To date, Samasource has helped transform the lives of more than 50,000 people.

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As a start-up nonprofit, Samasource needed low cost resources to get off the ground quickly. This not only meant having a streamlined workflow for daily operations, but also a way of finding donors to help them achieve their goals.


Samasource operates in five countries, so it's crucial that they have a way to communicate quickly across the globe. To do this, they take full advantage of G Suite. Their employees use Google Docs so that everyone can collaborate on a single document, no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, they communicate via Google Hangouts, sync calendars daily, and store files in Google Drive. Samasource also uses Ad Grants to connect to potential students and donors, and Google Hangouts on Air to host a quarterly “learnings call” and to build more public awareness of the work they do.

“The suite of Google products has really helped us get off the ground and not have to pay too much money to do that.”

Leila Janah, Founder & CEO, Samasource


As a growing and global nonprofit, it's crucial that they connect teams frugally and effortlessly through the suite of Google products. Secure file collaboration allows for streamlined workflows across multiple geographies, ensuring that an ecosystem over 1,000 workers are able to access the appropriate files and documentation.

And as a startup with big ambitions, Samasource benefitted from advertising solutions from Google for Nonprofits. Ad Grants helped Samasource reach thousands of potential customers, educating technology companies about the power of impact sourcing. Additionally, Ad Grants was the primary driver in the enrollment of over 25,000 students from 87 countries in Samaschool, an online digital skills training course.

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